Underground Video Technology, Inc. provides a full-range of specialized preventative maintenance and on-demand services. To learn more about our services and capabilities, just select a section below for detailed information.

Sewer Cleaning, Maintenance & TV Inspection

Maintenance and Inspection

Whether natural clogging caused by sewage back-up or other causes such as flooding, clogged sewer lines are more than just an annoyance, they are a health hazard. Our sewer pipe cleaning and maintenance division is equipped and qualified to clear blockages and perform any cleaning, maintenance or inspections required on your sewer, storm drains, culverts and hard to reach areas.

Catch Basin Storm Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

Catch Basin Storm Drain Cleaning
Catch Basin Storm Drain Cleaning1
Catch Basin Storm Drain Cleaning2

Sewer storm drains and storm drain vaults can become backed up with sediment, trash and debris causing pollution that stops the proper flow of stormwater run-off. Whether sewer storm drains, curb and gutter systems, culverts or stormwater interceptors, our crew can pump them, pressure clean them and inspect them. By exercising responsibility and implementing a preventative maintenance schedule, you can prevent flooding and health hazards caused by backed up systems.

Stormwater Management Products

Stormwater Management Products

EPA regulations have become increasingly strict for municipal, construction and industrial stormwater discharges. As an authorized dealer and installer for BioClean Environmental Products, we can assist you in both structural systems and treatment of polluted stormwater.

Hydro-Cleaning and Hydro Excavating

We can keep your drains and sewer clean from debris and reliable with our preventative maintenance programs utilizing our fleet of hydro-cleaning mobile equipment. Our truck utilizes a force of 2500 PSI at 80 GPM and a powerful vacuum system to clean and remove all debris in all pipes quickly.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Sewer pipe inspection and rehabilitation is flexible and reliable when using our ARIES CCTV utility inspection system. Our certified and experienced crew will meet all your CCTV utility and sewer inspection requirements. Our equipment provides high-quality video for pipelines, manholes, sewers and underground utilities.

NO DIG Sag Removal in SDR 35 PVC & Pipe Re-rounding

As the trenchless marketplace continues to grow more NO DIG options are available to rehabilitate your pipeline. Underground Video Technology, Inc. specializes in the area of removal of sags in SDR 35 PVC Pipe in 8", 10" and 12" by the NO-DIG method . The NO-DIG method of removing a pipeline sag costs 50% or less than traditional excavation and has been approved by cities, counties, engineers and contractors.

Flow Monitoring

By using our flow monitoring service as a management tool to provide flow performance data, you can identify problem areas, verify rehabilitation, and support justification for future rehabilitation and projects.

Utility Potholing

Excavating can cause damage to buried utility lines. Utilize our less invasive Hydro-Location service for pot holing slot trenching, and pipe and utility location. This method causes less damage to buried fiber optic cables, gas lines, or other utilities and gets the job done right the first time.

Spill Cleanup and Wastewater Removal

Spill Cleanup

Whether addressing an emergency situation or performing preventative maintenance, municipalities, contractors and industrial projects depend on powerful vacuum equipment that can respond to the requirements of a wide variety of sewer, storm water and wastewater conditions. Underground Video Technology, Inc. has not only the equipment, but the experienced and certified operators available.

Manhole Renewal, Rebuild or Rehabilitation

Lift Station Cleaning & Maintenance

   Maintaining your equipment on a regular schedule can help you prevent costly repairs and damaged pumps. We can keep your lift station free from grease and debris to avoid the need for immediate cleaning. Should you find yourself in a situation where immediate pumping is required, our crew is available on-demand 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.

Additional Services

General Cleaning & Washing

High-pressure water is an effective and cost-effective method for many cleaning and washing tasks including irrigation lines.

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