About Us


About Us

Discover Why We’re Nevada’s #1 Utility Service Provider.

Since Jean and Arthur Gillespie founded Underground Video Technology, Inc. (UVT, Inc.) in 2005, UVT, Inc. has been providing specialized preventative maintenance and on-demand utility services to various commercial, industrial, mining, construction, and government agencies in Northern Nevada. The motivation behind beginning UVT, Inc. was to provide clients with the highest quality of services at the most reasonable, cost-effective prices.

With over 25 years of experience, our mission is to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and expand our technology to best assist our client base. With that goal in mind, we have expanded our services to include No Dig Sag Removal, Flow Monitoring, Sewer Cleaning and Maintenance, Storm Drain Cleaning and Maintenance, as well as Storm Water Management products.

We extend our services to all areas of North Nevada, from Tahoe and Elko to everywhere in between. Call us at 775-575-5644 for additional information!

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